How to Craft the Perfect Dating Profile

perfect dating profile 1The perfect dating profile

How to Craft the Perfect Dating Profile

The perfect dating profile is composed of two major elements, your self-description or bio, and your profile pictures. Both are equally important and can make or break your chances on a dating site, but there are key differences between men and women, so the sections will be divided up accordingly.

Successful Dating Profiles for Men

The top dating profiles tend to have certain things in common and men make a bunch of awful mistakes with their dating profiles because they feel the need to play it cool. For lots of dudes, your first interaction with a woman on the site is going to be actually messaging her. She’ll read through your message, and if it isn’t completely stupid, then she’ll have a look at your dating profile. This is the online dating equivalent of being checked out at the bar. She’s sizing you up and trying to get a feel for your personality. Your profile says a lot about that and so do your pictures. Unsuccessful dating profile pictures contain a lot of selfies, many of which have guys displaying their six pack. Right off the bat, it’s apparent that you’re a douche, and that’s the last look you’re going to get from her. Likewise guys posing with their muscle cars.

The best profile pictures are those that show you doing something you said you were interested in in one of your profile pictures. For instance, if you enjoy rollerblading, a picture of you rollerblading would be appropriate. A nice shot where we can see your face and your torso is good idea as well. Photos of you in your natural habitat are also excellent choices. Spontaneous photos are great. Photos of you sitting with a beer are not great.

Another key mistake that guys make is that they think it’s ultra-feminist to express their ability to give exceptional head. It’s unlikely to impress any woman to mention this in your profile. In fact, any mention of sex is not a good choice for a dating profile. If you’re interested in FetLife sites, then you should sign up for FetLife sites where you can meet other likeminded people and tell them all about how much you enjoy performing cunnalingus.

Writing dating profiles isn’t necessarily easy. If you’re having difficulty thinking about what to write about in your dating profile, remember that the key to it is to seem like you have some sort of life outside of online dating. Talk about your interests, briefly mention what you do for a living, talk about your favorite books, make sure you throw in a female author, and talk about your favorite bands too. In other words, don’t talk about yourself, talk about what you want out of dating site, and the things that you like and are interested in.

Successful Dating Profiles for Women

Much simpler for women. Don’t say anything that is going to make him think you’re an awful shrew. A few good profile pictures that show you somewhat happy, or doing something you enjoy, and then a brief description of who you are, what you’re about, what you want from a relationship, and your interests and you’re all set.

One common mistake that ladies make is they list off all the kinds of guys that they simply can’t stand. Unfortunately, this is likely to turn away the guys they are trying to attract while attracting guys who will ask question about whether they like to “give it up the ass with a strap on”. This is a real phenomenon so if you include a lot of negative things in your profile, and guys ask you if you’ve got a strap on, don’t say I didn’t warn you.