4 Tips for Top Dating Profiles and Why They Are Successful

good dating profileTop Tips for Dating Profiles

4 Tips for a Good Dating Profile

Dating profiles are different from sex-dating profiles for a number of reasons and the best dating profiles on vanilla dating sites, like OkCupid or Match.com, are going to employ entirely different strategies than the best dating profiles on Tinder or AdultFriendFinder. The key to finding love online, pretty much like everything in life, is to temper your expectations and be true to your own desires.

(1) Be Honest About What You Want

Not everyone is going to dig you, and even if they do, they may not be necessarily a good fit for you. Some guys or girls are going to look at your profile and move on, no matter how well crafted it is, because they’re looking for someone else. Being honest about what you want, what you’re looking for in a relationship, where you are in your life, and those sorts of things will ensure you attract the right person.

A lot of times, the people who write generic profiles end up coming off as boring. That’s because they’re trying to attract anyone, and not that specific someone.

(2) Find a Good Picture

Most of us have friends of the opposite sex, and they have a tendency to see the best in us. If you’re looking for someone to see the best in you, then you want to find the right picture to put up on your profile since that will be their very first introduction to you. Selfies are good too, especially if you’re in the right frame of mind. You don’t want your desperation or lack of self-confidence leaking through and successful dating profiles simply exude a sense of wanting to put yourself out there, knowing what you want, and not being afraid to go after it.

(3) Tell a Compelling Story

Top dating profiles all tell a good story. I’m a person who is doing this and that with their lives, and I have come to this point in my life and I’m looking for so and so. I’m not interested in dating in my circle of friends and meeting people at bars or clubs is not as rewarding as it used to be. I’m looking for something more emotionally intimate and I like x, y, z. Right now in my life I’m working, and I like to do x and y in my leisure time. I’m looking for someone who shares some of the same interests as me, and hopefully we can settle down for a more rewarding relationship.

One of the major factors in a successful dating profile, especially if you’re a guy, is to not sound like a blistering asshole. Lines like, “no fatties” and “no larva” are sure to turn off anyone decent, regardless of how funny you think they sound. You can exclude the people you don’t want by focusing on the people you do want. For instance, if you’re not interested in overweight women, focus on how you like to do active stuff like biking or jogging.

(4) Try Not to Sound Like You Herp the Derp

The top dating profiles are going to be witty, funny, engaging, and honest about what you want. When people read them, they’re going to get a sense of your personality. You don’t want them to think your personality is sloppy and stupid. Writing in complete sentences, intelligently, and with a spellchecker is going to go a long way toward attracting the right kind of folks.