The 2 Key Elements that Go into Writing an Irresistible Dating Profile That Attracts Men

dating profile attract menHow to attract men with your dating profile

Making a Cute Flirty Successful Dating Profile: 2 Key Elements

Even if you’re not conventionally attractive by societal standards, you can do quite well on a dating site and set up dates with a number of different guys. But setting up solid dating profiles isn’t the easiest task in the world. You have to hunt down good pictures, come up with an engaging bio, and go through the process of answering the sites questions which will help you find a good match.

The Two Key Elements that Make Up the Best Dating Profiles

Let’s first consider what success is in terms of online dating. Is it getting more messages than anyone else on the site, or attracting the right kind of men and finally meeting one who matches you well. So the best dating profiles are the ones that attract the right kind of men with your dating profile. So how do you do that?

Well, let’s consider online dating sites like OkCupid as an example, since nearly everyone has experience with it at one point or another. OkCupid has several prompts for descriptions, you can upload photos, and answer questions. The more questions you answer, the more accurate their matching algorithm will be, and while matching algorithms are by no means an exact science, it will allow you to organize your search a little better.

So let’s take a looks as the aspects piece by piece.

(1) Your Photos

Photos should be a good cross section of you in different aspects of your life. Do you like going out to the clubs on the weekend? Show us what you look like when you’re dressed up. Have you been to any costume parties recently? Show us what you look like in your costume. What about when you’re going to the dive bar? Show us what you look like casual, and you should have at least one laptop selfie that gives us a good look at your face. This probably sounds like a bit of a meat market, but that’s what dating is after all. The only difference is that online, the process has been refined and distilled. The other upside of online dating is that you have more choice in the matter. If you meet a random guy at the bar, you don’t really know anything about him. If you end up with one of your friends that can get messy. That’s why online dating is becoming so much of a thing nowadays. It’s convenient and fun, and there’s less mess to clean up if the whole thing turns sour.

(2) Your Description

For guys, by the time they’ve clicked on your profile and gone through your pics, they probably know whether or not they want to meet you. The trick is to not put them off by being overly judgmental or sounding like you have serious baggage. Your dating profile is not a good place to talk about how your last boyfriend cheated on you with a slut, or how you’re not into drama or games. You want to be honest about who you are, what you’re looking for, and what you like. You don’t want to describe yourself so much as be yourself and let your words do the describing for you.

Online dating can be demoralizing and irritating with so many douche bags around, but isn’t that the way with everything? Online dating allows you to sift through the douches faster, and meet cool like minded people for fun.