The importance of avoiding dating advice from women

dating advice womanDating Advice From Women

Advice from women for men

Advice from women for men can be useful at times, but largely, it’s something that should be avoided. Women who give offline or online dating advice don’t always tend to fully divulge their secrets. The best dating advice from women to men usually centers on being honest and engaging a woman’s unique characteristic during a conversation. While this is certainly important, it’s usually all that we get to hear when women give advice to men. Normally, it’s best to resort to the wisdom of other Whangarei, NZ single men when trying to discover the best way to win a person over.

Women’s dating advice isn’t always a gift from above

As mentioned above, women tend to hold back a few fundamental secrets when giving advice to men. This isn’t their fault, of course; they’re essentially “playing for the other team”, after all, and they don’t want to let their sisters down by offering some dating kryptonite to the men of the world. Don’t hold this against women, because we’re lucky whenever we get to hear even a morsel of dating advice from them. Simply put, the next time a female friend is offering romantic advice, take everything she’s saying with a grain of salt.

When women give advice to men, it’s usually subjective

Another fault in the field of women giving advice to men is the inherent subjectivity of that advice. Again, this is hard for women to avoid, since all women are different and something that might work on one woman won’t necessarily work on another. However, this is another reason why men should take a grain of salt with any piece of advice they receive from women.

Men should have confidence in their own instincts

Now, here’s a piece of advice that you’ll likely hear from both women and men – be yourself, and have complete confidence in your own instincts. There’s nothing that a woman loves more than meeting a confident, cool man. Conversely, there’s nothing that can turn them off more than having to “flirt” with a man who clearly has no belief in himself, and doesn’t seem to have anything to offer the woman he’s speaking with. Confidence is absolutely fundamental for men looking to gain some success from their exchanges with women. Remind yourself why you’re so awesome, and keep that information in your head while you’re chatting her up at the bar or through the online dating website.

The best dating advice from women is silence

Of course, take this one with a bit of salt as well. Personally, I’ve heard a lot of great advice from women on the topic of dating, and some of it has actually been useful to me. However, at the end of the day, I’ve found that the very best piece of dating advice from women is silence. When women give men dating advice, they are effectively introducing the female perspective into the male brain. This can actually be dangerous to the whole reproductive process – while women might think that they know what they want, evolution shows that what they actually want is a man to use his own male instincts when courting women. This is what has worked for us in the past, and if we keep going at the rate we’ve been going, it will likely work for us in the future.